joandarck's vid essays

Note: these are all Jim/Blair slash.  All contain spoilers.

The Gayest Show on Earth - commentary on the first three episodes of The Sentinel.  3 minutes, 5 MB     Feb 2006
For more information, see this livejournal post.

The Sentinel: 100% Straight - based on the rest of Season One (episodes 4-11)                Jan 2007, because Windows Movie Maker is evil
A course on how to read The Sentinel as being about two completely heterosexual men
who are not in love, nor do they want to sleep together.    12 minutes, 23 MB
For more information, see this livejournal post.

with S1 Appendix - some collections of clips on different themes that didn't fit the main essay.   Jan 2007
Almost 4 minutes, 6.6 MB
**Note: I just discovered I've had the wrong version of this posted all this time. I replaced it -- the difference is one new clip and a little length tweaking.

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