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These are works of fan fiction, done out of love and without permission or profit. It's all Brett/Danny slash (homoerotic fanfic.) If that's not your thing, please don't read. Colour bar by birene.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go - a Danny/Brett vid

Danny likes a challenge, but this is ridiculous.

Affairs in Order -- ~3120 words, PG-R, first time

After 'The Morning After', Danny is brooding and Brett is concerned.

"What about when you do get married!" Danny stabbed the air with his finger. "What happens to me, huh? What about your good friend Danny Wilde? Out in the cold, that's what. No more bachelor lifestyle for you, 'old boy.'"

More Needle Than Haystack (Two Men, One Inferior Sleeping Accommodation) - ~2000 words, PG, first time

He removed his scarf from his neck, looked around, rejected the rusty hooks on the wall, and tossed it down on a crate in frustration. "They could at least have lent us some pyjamas."

Mise en Scène - ~3800 words, G, first time

The small man in the blue velvet jacket bent forward, his lively eyes snapping. "Well, I'm hurt, Mr. Beaumont. That wounds me. What kind of world are we coming to when a man can't arrange to have his own paintings stolen and smuggled without getting accused of some kind of dishonest behavior?"

A Common Life - ~2000 words, R, post-series first time

Brett removed his gaze to more politic locations as Danny recaptured the wine glass and glanced his way. "Not that I know of, but a husband doesn't generally last long after the wife, does he? One of the many perils of marriage."