joandarck's fan fiction and other

What I've got posted here right now:

The Persuaders    (Danny/Brett slash) -- fic page
   First times ranging from G to R. Note: different Danny than below!

Hot Fuzz    (Nicholas/Danny slash, G) -- Missing Out
   Post-movie, Nicholas starts to catch on to something.

Hot Fuzz    (Nicholas/Danny) -- View to a Fuzz and Fools Rush In
   Two Hot Fuzz music vids.

The Sentinel   (Jim/Blair slash) -- vid essay page
   Not music vids, just... expressions of opinion.

The Sentinel   (Jim/Blair slash, PG, longish) -- Room at the Top   
  Jim and Blair go undercover as gay at a luxury hotel. You know you can never get enough of that plot either!

Due South    (Fraser/RayK slash, G, short) -- Literalists, Part 1
   A short post-COTW story with a link to its sequel.   Fraser wants to make sure Ray understands something about the search for Franklin's hand.

Due South    (Fraser/RayK slash, R) -- You Can't Take That Away From Me   
    Ray gets trapped by bad guys in a hospital and gets amnesia, look just go with it, and the rescue doesn't go quite as planned.

Due South
    (Fraser/RayK slash, R or NC-17, very very long) -- After the Nile

    Post-COTW, casefic, lots of... everything.

The rest of my fanfic is indexed here on LiveJournal.